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Longest Day of Smiles 2022


The 2021/2022 Glimpse Team journey is called PROJECT BRAVE. This school year, the Glimpse Kids will celebrate everyday courage and remind everyone that we are all bravely growing one day, one choice, one risk, one struggle, and one mistake at a time.

Who are the GLIMPSE KIDS of the GLIMPSE INTO THE LIFE OF A CHILD team and what are they all about? They are so many different things all at once. They change the world for the better, one amazing partnership at a time. They communicate, collaborate and promote ideas that stretch the mind. They set goals and work real hard, persevering to achieve them. They strive to empower student voice and  always promote love, acceptance, and unity. They always celebrate diversity and hope to resurrect compassion! Working closely with publishers, authors and illustrators, they shine a light on inspiring messages found in children’s literature. Working alongside talented singer songwriters in their community and abroad, they explore, write and present lyrics that promote ideas that can make the world a better place.  In all that they do, the GLIMPSE KIDS are proof that there is joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world from the eyes of a child.

As Junior Smile Brand Ambassadors for Operation Smile Canada, the Glimpse Kids advocate for acceptance because every child deserves to smile. Over the last four years, thanks to the generous support from their community and local sponsors, they have raised more than $40,000. Their goals for this school year are ambitious and their dreams are big but PROJECT BRAVE will surely have an impact and change the world one BRAVE heart, one BRAVE day, and one BRAVE smile at a time! 

You’re invited to follow their journey and support them in whatever way possible. Their never-ending journey is always shared on their YouTube platform as well as other social media platforms. Check them out and become a part of Glimpse Nation.

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