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Longest Day of Smiles 2022

Prince of Wales Secondary School

1 in 700 children is born with a cleft lip or a cleft palate. Every three minutes, a child is born with this condition. The majority of these children do not have access to proper treatment, in which case the condition may become fatal. The defect may cause these children to be impaired in their ability to speak, eat, or even breathe. Even if they overcome the physiological dangers of the condition, they may face further discrimination and bullying throughout their lives.

Our team is inspired by the initiative at Smile, and the volunteers from over 60 countries who reach out to help these children all around the world. We want to help in their vision, to provide children suffering from a cleft lip or palate, everywhere, with comprehensive care: from surgery to therapy, by training local health professionals and conducting medical missions. 

Our team is dedicated to raising money so children all around the world can receive treatment for their condition, so they can lead normal and healthier lives.

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